Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Zombiecide Commission

For a large, 20-player game of Zombiecide that a friend was doing for our local Roleplay society (DURPS), every person who entered would get a personalised zombiecide character for fighting the hoards, each getting their own character card for the event.  I did the character designs for these cards.  Bellow are the line-up's of each of the teams that entered, to show their character designs.

When I miraculously got all the designs done with a day in advance, I created a character for the man running the game,

Bellow are some of the characters on their Zombiecide Cards. (the backgrounds and layout are attributed to Guillotine Games) (text was made by a friend, as I didn't have time to sit and type up everyones skills)

(Above are some fairly stark references to comicbook character-likeness and 40k-styled armour, as well as a few other game/pop-culture references.  Thor belongs to Marvel, and any other referencing belongs to it's umbrella companies, likeness was only inspired, not copied, please don't sue me)

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