Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Tabletop Role-Play inspired

This is images that we're created with inspiration from a tabletop RPG I have played with friends, based on popular game or web-series.

Daragonage RP
This is a 'party portrait' of the player party in the tabletop roleplay that is based in the world of Thedas(The Dragon Age Setting), therefore the clothing styles and characters are heavily inspired by what would be present in that world.

Based off the rooster teeth web-series, with it's over-the-top weapons and action sequences, below are some of the player characters in the role-play at their most awesome.

DnD Eberron
My first DnD character.  and some of the design changes she went with through during the Roleplay.

AyaCon - Character Designs

My friend asked me to do the character designs for a RPG game he was making in his spare time.  never totally got off the floor, but briefs were given for the more important characters.  The plot was a guy who goes to an Anime Convention, and weird stuff starts happening.

Ark (Protagonist)
Ark is the generic protagonist. The brief was to make a character that wasn't obviously a person who'd be at an anime convention, so I tried to keep him simple.

A cospalyer at the Convention, and one of the first characters that Ark meets. She's supposed to be shy so I went with a Japanese schoolgirl outfit.

The Queen
The self proclaimed queen of Cosplay, is one of the villeins.  Due to her title, I gave her luxurious, well made royal gowns. 

These are doodles of some less-inclusive characters, and some of the standard monsters(Mob's) the player would fight in the game.

 (Exception Dark Ark, who is the main villain)

These are designs for the pixle-sized mob's that would be walking around in the setting.

Thursday, 26 March 2015



Here is my final storyboard for the trailer I had planned for my final year, if I'd had more time and hands on deck to finish it.

This is the one scene I actually managed to get finished.  thanks to Saara Vakiparta for the background.

My show real for  the degree show.

Delta48 Work (Character Design)

My final year project at university, that got shelved around Christmas (too much to do, not enough hands to do it)  I had lots of character design work dome by that point, a storyboard and one animated scene.

A Size comparison of all the characters in the original animation.  The Director and Governor would wound themselves unused,  Omega can't stand either, but I had him stand to show the size difference he had with all other characters.

The main character for the animation I was planning.

I made up construction guides for Delta.  Not the best, I'd shelved the idea before I'd made finalised ones.

In the original animation I planned I wanted to have a fight scene between Delta and Omega.  Eventually that plan found itself shelved for a trailer, but I already had the character designed.

Construction for Omega as well.