Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Odd Extras

if you hadn't noticed, I've been doing a lot of art dumping, transferring almost everything from Devientart to here.  These are the few bit's that didn't really have a home in any of the other groups, but I think are good enough for a portfolio.

This is a character based of the cambian race in Profound Decisions Empire Festival LARP (Live Action RolePlaying)

This is a prince, I was triyng out a sketchy shading style. 

Fan Art

A few fan-art pieces I did in the last year or so, during batches of artist-block.  They are in here, as I feel they are still good show's of my artistic capability.

The characters below belong to their respective franchises and do not belong to me. 

Rogue (X-Men: Evolution)

Elza (Frozen)

Trash can scene (Just call Saul)

(This is a screen study of a scene in episode 1, I like the lighting and angle of the shot)

Colour Test

This was a piece I did that was a colour test for the RWBY RPG pictures, Most of the shading is done though free-selections and the gradient tool in Photoshop.  She ended up looking a bit like Yang from RWBY as well.

'Adoptable' designs

This is more my 'I just feel like designing a costume or character' lazy day style.  I call them "adoptable's" as they are of a similar style as to most adoptable packs on devientart, though I have no intention of fiddling with DA's points system to work out how one adopts a character.

These are some of the better examples of them, when I feel like drawing an elf or an armoured character, but don't feel like toiling over anatomy for several hours

This one is quite old now, but the cloths designs are still all right.  I feel they would a looked better cell-shaded now than smooth.  I had yet to properly learn now to shade metal as well.

This one's the newest, with a slight divine undertone.

This was me testing out a shading style, a stark black-white option.

Zombiecide Commission

For a large, 20-player game of Zombiecide that a friend was doing for our local Roleplay society (DURPS), every person who entered would get a personalised zombiecide character for fighting the hoards, each getting their own character card for the event.  I did the character designs for these cards.  Bellow are the line-up's of each of the teams that entered, to show their character designs.

When I miraculously got all the designs done with a day in advance, I created a character for the man running the game,

Bellow are some of the characters on their Zombiecide Cards. (the backgrounds and layout are attributed to Guillotine Games) (text was made by a friend, as I didn't have time to sit and type up everyones skills)

(Above are some fairly stark references to comicbook character-likeness and 40k-styled armour, as well as a few other game/pop-culture references.  Thor belongs to Marvel, and any other referencing belongs to it's umbrella companies, likeness was only inspired, not copied, please don't sue me)