Wednesday, 6 May 2015

'Adoptable' designs

This is more my 'I just feel like designing a costume or character' lazy day style.  I call them "adoptable's" as they are of a similar style as to most adoptable packs on devientart, though I have no intention of fiddling with DA's points system to work out how one adopts a character.

These are some of the better examples of them, when I feel like drawing an elf or an armoured character, but don't feel like toiling over anatomy for several hours

This one is quite old now, but the cloths designs are still all right.  I feel they would a looked better cell-shaded now than smooth.  I had yet to properly learn now to shade metal as well.

This one's the newest, with a slight divine undertone.

This was me testing out a shading style, a stark black-white option.

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