Thursday, 26 March 2015

Delta48 Work (Character Design)

My final year project at university, that got shelved around Christmas (too much to do, not enough hands to do it)  I had lots of character design work dome by that point, a storyboard and one animated scene.

A Size comparison of all the characters in the original animation.  The Director and Governor would wound themselves unused,  Omega can't stand either, but I had him stand to show the size difference he had with all other characters.

The main character for the animation I was planning.

I made up construction guides for Delta.  Not the best, I'd shelved the idea before I'd made finalised ones.

In the original animation I planned I wanted to have a fight scene between Delta and Omega.  Eventually that plan found itself shelved for a trailer, but I already had the character designed.

Construction for Omega as well.

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