Tuesday, 31 March 2015

AyaCon - Character Designs

My friend asked me to do the character designs for a RPG game he was making in his spare time.  never totally got off the floor, but briefs were given for the more important characters.  The plot was a guy who goes to an Anime Convention, and weird stuff starts happening.

Ark (Protagonist)
Ark is the generic protagonist. The brief was to make a character that wasn't obviously a person who'd be at an anime convention, so I tried to keep him simple.

A cospalyer at the Convention, and one of the first characters that Ark meets. She's supposed to be shy so I went with a Japanese schoolgirl outfit.

The Queen
The self proclaimed queen of Cosplay, is one of the villeins.  Due to her title, I gave her luxurious, well made royal gowns. 

These are doodles of some less-inclusive characters, and some of the standard monsters(Mob's) the player would fight in the game.

 (Exception Dark Ark, who is the main villain)

These are designs for the pixle-sized mob's that would be walking around in the setting.

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